Audate Voice Search

A chrome extension for making voice searches.

Voice is Faster

“You can speak 110-150 words per min, as opposed to avg person's typing 38-40 wpm” - @purnavirji

More ergnonomic

“Repetitive motions like typing… that you do over and over can bring about carpal tunnel syndome” - WebMd.

Natural & Expressive

Voice queries are longer and return more featured snippets than typed queries - Google Search.

Privacy friendly

All speech-recognition happens in your browser, we do not store or transfer any audio.

Highly accessible

Using a keyboard with an unfamiliar layout/type? Not literate in English? Get onboard!

Free forever

The source code is open-source, [Github link]( No ads, no sign-ups, no bs.

Popular search engines

You can choose from Google to Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia.

Over 300 locales supported

For each language, you can choose a country-specific dialect for high-accuracy recognition.

State of the art AI

Automatically detects an ignores music, noise. Detects active mic and when you stop speaking.