A summary of the changes in each version of Audate Voice Search.


Version 22.11

This is the go-to-market version of Audate Voice Search. All known bugs are fixed and scope has crystallized.

What’s New

  • Added launch target (New Tab / Current Tab) as an option.
  • Added a new onboarding screen. Direct link requires extension to be installed.
  • Updated Privacy Policy.
  • Add i18n support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix non-default microphone on some devices.
  • Delay closing popup to avoid script termination.

All Prior Releases

Version 22.10

This release is an MVP of voice search, experimenting with different parameters and UX around voice searching.

What’s New

  • Add search engine service.
  • Experiment with remote/cloud speech-to-text.
  • Experiment with embedding extension in webpage using content script.
  • Add localization service.